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Stop the blue light from damaging your skin 

Let’s Face It is an antioxidant-packed serum proven to pause the digital aging of your skin without requiring you to limit your screen time.

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Is blue light 
causing you to show 
signs of aging?

Blue light, produced by our devices, has relatively high energy and a longer wavelength than UV light. This means that blue light can penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin than the sun’s rays. 

Take care
of your skin

The average adult spends nearly 9 hours looking at electronic devices every day. The artificial blue light, also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light, emitted by those devices may damage the cells in your eyes and cause difficulty sleeping. Many people are taking precautions to protect their eyes. . .

But have you considered the havoc HEV light is wreaking on your skin?

Full blue light  protection

We believe your skin deserves to feel hydrated, supple and vibrant– even after spending several hours on the computer. That’s why Impression Dermaceuticals Inc created Let’s Face It, the first serum of its kind developed to protect and aid in the recovery of your skin before and after blue light exposure.

Let’s Face It is a revolutionary protective serum that harnesses the power of multiple pharmaceutical-grade ingredients specifically manufactured to protect your skin against blue light damage.

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13 skin-protecting ingredients
in 1 serum

5.0 Great Reviews!

Safe from blue light




After reading up on blue light skin damage from cell phones and computer screens, I am so happy to have found this product! It's lightweight, has a great consistency for under foundation and a light pleasant smell. My sensitive skin likes it too! Best of all I know I am protected from the harmful blue light!

- Alessia

I love this product. I’ve seen improvement on my overall face smoothness & fine lines are fading a bit too. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and was concerned about the impact it’s having on my skin. This gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend.

- Michelle W.

I've recently got a new job where I'm in front of my computer way more, and anything I can do to help stop my skin from aging prematurely I'm going to do! I put this product on right after my moisturizer in the mornings and night. It doesn't feel heavy and my skin can still breathe!

- Michelle W.

I really like this product. I am always weary of lotions feeling too thick or greasy. This goes on so smoothly and feels wonderful when you put it on without feeling that there is something there. I felt great knowing the care that is taken to make this product to be free of any harmful chemicals and ingredients.

- Michelle W.

- Jennifer

- Jacqueline

- Anna

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Let’s face
it together & beat the blues today!

Add Let’s Face It to your skin care regimen and scroll, browse, and Netflix without fear of causing damage to your skin.

30 Day Money-Back

Free Shipping
Over $50

5.0 Great Reviews!